Okey, today it’s time to see how this site keeps up via nginx instead of apache. So far so good, at least almost everything seems to still work as expected.

In switchover, getting nginx + passenger + rails to work took some effort, but this was still reasonably easy. However, bigger trouble was getting this WordPress installation to co-operate with nginx. I believe it would have been trivial but since I’m using multisite setup, it made life more complicated. Took for a while to get configuration to work (based configuration mostly into ”How To Configure Single and Multiple WordPress Site Settings with Nginx”. However, this seems to work now in the end.

Remaining issues

  • Favicons seem to leak from virtual site to another
  • WordPress automatic upgrade logic not working
  • Didn’t migrate all virtual sites; with consideration that ”I won’t need them right now”

Also, while Rails configuration logic was now much less hassle than with apache, trouble with WordPress triggered negative counter balance.


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