Shortly said, opera is interpreting ”full screen” mode to be media type ’projection’, which causes that plenty of badly made web sites render badly when turning on full screen rendering in Opera. Sadly, it’s impossible to ask every web site to patch their site, it’s time to turn into local fix:

1) Turn on user java scripts in opera
mkdir ~/user_js

Select: Tools – Preferences:
– ”Content”
– ”JavaScript Options”
– ”User JavaScript files”
* select directory you just created

kwrite ~/user_js/projection.js

2) Paste following content into projection.js you just started editing.

[code lang=”javascript”]
function() {
var l=document.getElementsByTagName(’link’);
var s=document.getElementsByTagName(’style’);
var MEDIA=’media’;
var PROJECT=’projection’;
var SCREEN=’screen’;
var REL=’rel’;

for (var i=0; i-1 && elem.getAttribute(MEDIA).indexOf(PROJECT)==-1) {
if (elem.getAttribute(MEDIA).indexOf(PROJECT)>-1 && elem.getAttribute(MEDIA).indexOf(SCREEN)==-1) {

for (i=0; i-1
&& elem.getAttribute(MEDIA).indexOf(PROJECT)==-1) {
if (elem.getAttribute(REL)==’stylesheet’
&& elem.getAttribute(MEDIA).indexOf(PROJECT)>-1
&& elem.getAttribute(MEDIA).indexOf(SCREEN)==-1) {

3) Reload site having problems in full screen. Restart of opera is not needed.

4) If you’ve any problems, check ”Tools – Advanced – Error Console” contents.

For completeness, script is taken (and fixed) from: UserJS: Disable OperaShow

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