Should go forward or back, or just REST in one place. Who knows what way to go.

I have to admit that I didn’t even know that HTTP spec had methods like DELETE… well, or perhaps I’ve heard about them but due to lack of need for such they have faded into oblivion.

Update: 9.3.2012
Authentication is clearly not piece of cake or walk in the park:
InfoQ: RESTful API Authentication Schemes
Principles for Standardized REST Authentication
REST based authentication
How to implement RESTful authentication
Stackoverflow: Security of REST authentication schemes

For API versioning, well, there is some kind of concept ideas:
Versioning REST Web Services

Update: 15.3.2012
It may that betting into REST ain’t anyway ”future compatible”, at least in some contexts:
InfoQ: REST articles
WebSockets versus REST?

Update: 28.3.2012
CodeBetter – REST Resources

Update: 2.5.2012
Looks interesting:
REST Endpoint for Integration Using Apache Camel
JSR 311: JAX-RS: The JavaTM API for RESTful Web Services
JAX-RS Tutorial

InfoQ: Part 1 – A Brief Introduction to REST
InfoQ: Part 2 – Addressing Doubts about REST
InfoQ: Part 3 – REST Anti-Patterns
Building Web Services the REST Way
Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1 – Method Definitions
Wikipedia: Representational state transfer

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