Samsung Galaxy Note looks indeen interesting notebook device. I did like Palm TX a lot, like all Palm devices. However, as I have stated earlier, it has problems with modern world reqs (web browsing mainly). I currently have nice Archos 70 Internet Tabled device (You may see, that I’m supporting here European company…, French one to be precise).

But this device, it makes me wonder if it would allow having only single device to carry around. Of course it cannot compete with my Nokia X3-02 in size wise, but the fact that it has pen included makes it really interesting.

So far my experience with all tablets have shown that my fingers are far too big for any tablet. Problem is that my fingers cover always so large area portions of screen that it always a bit guessing what I will be hitting. And not even counting the fact that while eating anything greasy, screen will become quickly messed up. Sigh, that’s part were I always start to miss my Palm, where I had pen to tap on screen, which allowed precise control, required less hand movement, didn’t cover screen all the time and didn’t grease up screen. Of course, for one who haven’t used ever pen based tablet for any lengthty period of time, it shall be hard to understand thing (especially palm one, with Graffiti or MessagEase).

Thus as summary: Finger is nice for entertainment device, but for actual ”get work done” pen is much better.

Oh yeah, as an update, my ”computer all the time with me” experiment has so far went pretty nicely. I’ve now carried my Archos with me every day, for 5 months or something like that. So I shall continue that, and see what happens.

Update: 4.4.2012
As an another upgrade alternative, I’m considering this one: Archos 80 G9 Turbo ICS tablet review: first look.

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