Fix for well known libvdpau bug with libflashplayer is nice, but it has once severe problem. Patch is designed wrong, so it won’t work with opera. Problem with patch is that it tries to look for string ”libflashplayer” in ”/proc/self/cmdline”. Assumption that such string would exist in cmdline is very poor, and it won’t with opera.

In opera flashplayer plugin cmd line looks like this:
\_ /usr/lib/opera/opera
\_ /usr/lib/opera/opera
\_ /usr/lib/opera/pluginwrapper/operapluginwrapper-native -multiproc 2,0.1.3,2,59,83 -logfolder /root/.opera/logs/ -type native

Clearly there ain’t string ”libflashplayer” in command line. So we are without hope.

Not so fast…

Since now we know what this patch is doing (just peek inside ”flash_hack.patch”), it’s very trivial to fix problem.

So fix is simply to do this
cd /usr/lib
grep ”libflashplayer” libvdp*
… some result should appear if patch exists
# NOTE create backup before EDIT

When in hex editor, simply find ”libflashplayer\0” in file and replace it with ”opera\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0”. Thus ”opera” and 0x00 to fill over original text. After this, simply save lib, and relaunch opera.


And blue-tint problem is finally fixed.

YES! I know this is very dirty hack and it means that hack won’t work with some firefox (since I don’t use firefox I don’t mind if it’s broken), but as long as it works it’s fine for me.

For exhaustive fix would be to go and patch original sources, but doing so can be tricky (for example, nvidia driver package seemingly includes precompiled version of libvdpau).

[SOLVED] Blue tint on youtube videos. (Nvidia or flash problem)

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