My internal clock seemed to adjust into local day rhythm rather quickly, since it was kicking me up in the morning around sunrise time. However, I was still feeling somewhat tired due to lack of sleeping, but I guess so excitement is too big for idling in the bed.

We had long breakfast, with plenty of pancakes and other goodies, after which we rested some time, idling in the balcony. Then we decided to go to visit Marietta, another small city. (btw, distance are very long here, for example, it took approximately for ever to drive from air port into our final destination, so we are gonna spend lot of time sitting in the car here).

Anyway, we drove to Marietta, and in between, we stopped in small store specialized to sell meat. And surely there was plenty of meat in sale, in huge piles. Store was appearently owned by some mexican, since it was selling all kinds of mexican goodies, pinjatas hanging from the ceiling. Linda’s mother bought some meat, and we continued to Marietta Square, which is the center of Marietta.

There it could be seen that Halloween is nearby; in the park some kind of exhibition of pumpkin art was represented, all kinds of statues made from pumpkins and such. So, halloween is indeed big thing here, while same cannot be to be true for Finland. But well, it’s always to good to have some reasons or excuses for some celebration and partying.

We ate pizza at local pizzeria, and browsed through used stuff stores, selling various interesting artifacts. We spend whole day around Marietta, and then finally headed back to homebase. However, we did small sidestep in between by dropping into Target, to fetch some more supplies, like cat food (*). And of course, browsed through halloween goodies, and miscellenious stuff.

(*) Yeah, we are surrounded with animals. We have here two cats (Pierre and Boo), dog of Linda’s parents (Delijah), and dogs of Linda’s brother (Nikita and Pomi). Well, actually Boo and Pomi were Linda’s but she had to leave into care of her parents and brother when moving to Finland.

Today, we managed to see Linda’s other brother also (we missed him in the first day, since we fall asleep so early), the one who has the dogs. In the late evening we ended up going out with him, and we visited Creeping Haunted House. It’s kind of horror house, to allow one to scare himself, and raise adrealine level. This scaring part indeed worked for Linda, but have to admit that I wasn’t really scared, except only in the first turning in the corridor, were I was catched by the surprise. But at the point I catched what is the name of the game, which meant that rest of the events were not catching me by total surprise. I.e. basically ideas is just that after walking for a while, somebody jumps up somewhere to scare you up, or start to follow you from behind, and then try to surprise. But of course, when you know to except such things to occur, then are not really surprises anylonger. Anyway, this haunted house thing was interesting experience. After haunted house, we went to visit, IHOP (which stands for International House of Pancakes), were we took some coffee, ice-tea, and ice-cream.

As always, we headed back homebase at early morning hours to catch some rest.

In following night we were not sleeping alone, since we had both Pomi and Boo as company with us. Pomi was sleeping in the floor next to us, while Boo was sleeping in the bed next to Linda.

Okey, that’s the contents of second day, as quick summary.

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